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Want to try a rooftop tent before you buy? Renting a car and need a temporary roof rack solution? We offer a selection of equipment for rent to get you and your gear where you're going.

Rent a Roof Rack, Cargo Box, Rooftop Tent, and More!

All rentals may be subject to additional fees if they are not returned in the condition they were rented out.

  • Racks

    We have options for your vehicle whether you have roof rails, a glass panoramic roof, or a truck. A roof rack provides the base to which you can mount Cargo Boxes, Rooftop Tents, and roof-mounted Bike Racks.

    $10 - $35 / day

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  • Cargo Boxes

    Cargo Boxes are by far the easiest way to expand your vehicle storage space. We have three different sizes to match your gear and vehicle needs. Pictured is a typical Medium sized box.

    $20 - $30 / day

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  • Rooftop Tents

    Rooftop tents are a fun and unique experience for the whole family, and renting is a great option to test it out before purchase! We have softshell and hardshell options available for up to 4 people.

    $30 - $60 / day + $75 service fee

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  • Portable Power

    Portable battery generators and solar panels allow you to power your electronics on your adventure. We have two sizes of battery available, which you can pair with a solar panel as well.

    $15 - $35/day

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  • ...and More!

    Not seeing something you'd like to rent? Let us know what you're after and we can likely accomodate. We also rent bike racks, kayak racks, ski racks, and more.

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Get Set Up To Do More

  • Multi-Fit Rack

    Convenient, fits most vehicles with rails that run front-to-back. These bars make a bit of wind noise but are a cost-effective option for expanding cargo capabilities.

    $10 / day

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  • Monkey Bars

    These nifty bars suction-cup mount to just about any surface. Each cup is rated for 120 lbs. Great for sports cars, glass roofs, and cars that don't have rails.

    $20 / day

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  • Xsporter

    If you have a truck, this is the best option or maximum payload and accessibility. Works with almost all standard truck beds. Not compatible with tonneau covers.

    $35 / day + $75 service fee

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Carry Everything You Need (and Want)

  • Motion L

    - 453 L
    - 175 cm max ski length
    - 75 kg capacity

    $20 / day

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  • Motion XL

    - 500 L
    - 200 cm max ski length
    - 75 kg capacity

    $25 / day

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  • Motion XXL

    - 610 L
    - 215 cm max ski length
    - 75 kg capacity

    $30 / day

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Elevate Your Camping Experience

Explore outdoor adventure hassle-free with our tent rental service. Try before you buy and find your perfect match among our diverse selection of high-quality tents. Enjoy flexible rental periods and embark on unforgettable experiences without the long-term commitment. Discover your ideal camping companion today!

  • Meadowlark

    Meadowlark Rooftop Tent—a compact and lightweight option from Roofnest. Weighing only 90 lbs and featuring our most compact design yet, the Meadowlark is perfect for campers 6' and under, accommodating 1-2 people.

    $ 30 / Day

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  • Walkabout 62

    Fit 3 adults with plenty of room to spare, or 4 adults snugly. More space and coverage than the Joshua, but no skylights. This tent has light supressing technology, for those that like to sleep in.

    $50 / day

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  • Condor 2

    Accommodates 2 adults comfortably or 3 snugly. With its rapid setup time and spacious interior, it's perfect for rental fleets seeking efficient and reliable rooftop camping gear.

    $65 / day

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  • Condor 2 XL

    Accommodates 3 adults comfortably or snugly fits 4, offering ample room for your group. With its rapid setup time and generous interior space, it's the ideal choice for rental fleets seeking efficient and versatile rooftop camping gear.

    $80 / day

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  • Sparrow EYE

    A great intro to hardshell tents, the EYE is very easy to open and close, and provides enough room for two. Plus, you can store your sleeping gear inside the tent while it's closed. Includes integrated LEDs.

    $55 / day

    View Sparrow EYE 2

Power Your Adventure

  • River Pro

    Perfect for charging phones and laptops for a weekend of camping. The River Pro packs 800Wh of power, and enough oomph to operate high wattage items like coffee makers.


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  • Delta

    The Delta is our step-up power pack for longer trips and bigger power requirements. At 1300Wh, the Delta is great if you're bringing along a projector, Keurig, and powered cooler for the full Glamping experience.


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  • 160W Solar Panel

    The 160W Solar Panel helps power your adventure even longer. It folds flat and comes with a carry bag for easy transportation, allowing you to reposition the panel throughout the day for optimal sun exposure.


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What About Ski / Snowboard, Watersport, and Bike Racks?

What About Ski / Snowboard, Watersport, and Bike Racks?

Depending on stock and availability, we do rent various options for carrying bikes, skis, snowboards, kayaks, SUPs, and more. Fill out the form below and let us know what you're trying to carry, and we'll find a solution for you.

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